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The Italian Town in North Carolina

January 13, 2016
North Carolina is not exactly known as a hot-bed of Italian immigration. However, if one visits Valdese, North Carolina, they'll find a quintessentially Italian-American town in the heart of North Carolina. It is 64 miles east of Asheville, 65 miles northwest of Charlotte, and 85 miles west of Winston-Salem. The Town of Valdese has an Old World charm that makes it uniquely appealing in North Carolina.

More than a century ago, the Town of Valdese was founded by settlers from Italy and boasts a uniquely Italian heritage today. It is home to fewer than 4,500 people today and has all the charm of a small-town city. People come from nearby cities to visit facilities for their educational value or to gaze at unique artwork and taste the fine wines of the surrounding region. Nilesh Tailor is an IT Professional who lives and works in North Carolina and he has visited the town on a number of occasions.